The Team

Jonas Almgren

Co Founder 

Business Development

Tech Savvy C-Level Executive

I have founded and scaled start-ups in Silicon Valley, New York, London/Cambridge and Berlin including 5 successful exits and 2 IPO's

Peter Mansfield 

Co Founder


I am a diversely experienced, analytical and humane MD/CEO. Peter has led start -ups and established businesses with revenues from £5m to £100m and generated 30% increases in profits year on year 

Mike Saunders



VideAR Designer

Mike, a passionate drone enthusiast, has designed a cutting-edge platform solution for the commercial drone industry in particular, 3D AR Mission Planning. VideAR Platform which incorporates the latest in Augmented Reality technology and using the powerful Unity3D Game engine.

Philip Butterworth-Hayes

AAM / UTM Consultant 

Philip Butterworth-Hayes is a reluctant entrepreneur; a consultant and communications specialist working in the aerospace and defence sectors. He is the editor and publisher of EUROCONTROL’s Skyway publication (, the editor and publisher of and and is working as a consultant communications strategist with two inter-governmental air traffic management organisations.

Dr Owen McAree


Technical & safety consultant drone & autonomous systems

Owen McAree has a PhD in artificial situational awareness and over 10 years experience in both software and hardware development for advanced drone control and autonomy. Additionally, he is experienced in risk quantification for safety critical systems and has used this expertise to help achieve advanced BVLOS approvals for multiple scientific and commercial drone operators around the world. He is currently on contracts with a number of businesses in the aviation space ranging from novel AI and sensor fusion technologies to world leading drone operators. 


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Our team of experts in Drone software development, Augmented Reality, Unity3D, SaaS strategy, hardware design, and project management work collaboratively to create innovative solutions.  

Jonas Almgren Co Founder Tech Savvy C-Level Executive. Has founded and scaled start-ups in Silicon Valley, New York, London/Cambridge and Berlin including 5 successful exits and 2 IPO's, now scaling VideAR Platform based in Brighton & Hove.

Peter Mansfield Co Founder CEO/COO  A specialist experience in the SaaS, Tech & Data using tried and tested models; Market Analysis/Business Model/Strategy/Operational infrastructure and Leadership to lead transformation and growth.

Mike Saunders Founder CPO & designer of VideAR Platform, has collaborated with industry leaders to gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by the commercial drone industry. These insights have been incorporated into the VideAR Platform.

Philip Butterworth-Hayes, who specialises in Air Traffic Management, aviation safety, military and civil aviation issues is the Unmanned Traffic Management Consultant.

Dr Owen McAree CTO is a member of the UK Government’s Drone Industry Action Group and both the BSI and ISO committees setting drone operational standards. Outside of his day job he is also a private pilot, giving him an operational insight into low level airspace integration issues.

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