VideAR creating a Meaningful Impact through Advanced Drone Solutions 

VideAR leads the way in commercial drone innovation, specialising in Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLoS) operations. Our platform, built on robust 3D software, uses precise Augmented Reality (AR) assets to enhance clarity in flight paths and search grids. This cutting-edge approach leverages advanced AI and thorough R&D to tackle critical societal challenges. Whether it’s infrastructure development, emergency search and rescue (SAR) operations, or efficient sea port management, VideAR delivers impactful solutions across various sectors.

Our autonomous drones actively monitor coastal waters, ports, and ships, boosting operational efficiency and safety. Committed to environmental sustainability, VideAR employs advanced technology for precise coastal area monitoring and maintenance, protecting marine ecosystems. Our innovative solutions help keep coastlines and ports clean, reducing pollution and debris, and fostering a healthier, more sustainable environment.

VideAR Platform: the key to unlocking a safe, secure BVLOS drone ecosystem delivering actionable intelligence 

Experience unparalleled safety and efficiency with VideAR’s A.I. cutting-edge BVLOS drone technology, delivering real-time, actionable intelligence for transformative insights. 

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